The Game

Collect cards, maneuver troops, and alter the battlefield to achieve victory in Zems, an immersive new tactical card game!


Control the Weather

The weather and environment come alive for the first time in a CCG! Use lightning during rainstorms to stun enemies. Spray oil to spread wildfires.  Freeze wet areas to create choke points. The tactical possibilities are numerous.


Maneuver Your Troops

Move units on the battlefield to take advantage of positional weaknesses, discover new angles of attack, and more. Phalanx formations, flanking strikes, squad tactics – every strategic decision matters on the path to victory!


Grow Your Collection

Build decks from a selection of over 200 cards. Acquire booster packs of new cards using in-game silver, crafting, or purchases to extend your collection. With constant expansion sets, you’ll never run out of cards to collect.


Become A Grandmaster

Battle players of all skill levels as you climb up the ladder, or hone your skills in practice matches against unique challenge decks crafted by the developers.

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